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Posted by on in SharePoint

To fix “Workflow failed on start (retrying)” error we did the following:

1. From the local machine/development machine, the Visual Studio solution property for “Assembly Deployment Target” is set as “GlobalAssemblyCache” shown below:


2. Double click the package file in the solution

3. Click "Advanced" tab near the bottom of the page

4. Click "Add" >> "Add Existing Assembly" from "Add" button near top of screen

5. Click ellipses button next to Source Path

6. Navigate to where you project's bin\Debug folder is located

7. Select the .dll file which holds the name of your project

8. From the "Add Existing Assembly" modal window, select "WebApplication" option

9. Click "Ok" and "Deploy"

10. Navigate to the bin/Debug folder for the Visual Studio project, and the .wsp file is what needs to be pushed to the SharePoint Server

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In case you need to remove the SharePoint Library ribbon option of "Upload Document" to a library:


...and have the following scenario presented to the user:


  1. Open the library in SharePoint designer
  2. Open the "All Documents" view (in our case)
  3. Find the ending tag for <asp:Content ContentPlaceHolderId="PlaceHolderMain" runat="server">
  4. Just before </asp:Content> insert the following CSS as shown below:


<style type="text/css">
hide the New Document, Upload Document, New Folder on left side of ribbon, have to use the back slashes to escape the dots in the element ID
#Ribbon\.Documents\.New {display:none;}


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Posted by on in Reporting
Line chart series to start at 0

I have a line chart series that is for accounting.  A sample query would pull back 12 rows (1 row for each month, Jan - December), and the columns would show the dollar amounts for separate buckets of money allocations.  What I'm trying to do is have the series chart line start @ 0 (we're trying to mimic another chart that does the same thing).

Hits: 9830

Some custom jQuery to autopopulate a text field via localStorage was used in a Content Editor on our NewForm.aspx page for a SharePoint 2010 list:

<script src="/.../jquery.js" type="text/j-avascript"></script>

<script type="text/j-avascript">
window.on-load = function(){
                window.setTimeout(readyCall, 1000);
function readyCall(){
     var piddata = localStorage.getItem('myPID');

It's working as expected and auto-populating our field, but the top ribbon (especially the Attach File) in the ribbon was disabled.

The ribbon was finally enabled by using:

<script type="text/j-avascript">
   var e = $("input[id$='ctl00_m_g_..._TextField']");
   var piddata = localStorage.getItem('myPID');   

Hits: 27426

When submitting a document to a Records Center with the "Send Document to Repository" workflow action, there is a parameter called "this destination router".

Click the "this destination router" link and enter the full URL to your SharePoint Records Center, including the suffix of _vti_bin/officialfile.asmx.

Hits: 24294

If you are editing the Collect Signature workflow in SharePoint Designer 2010, and don't see the following action available:

Send Document to Repository could be b/c that workflow is a globally reusable workflow and not specific to a library or content type...which is what the action "Send Document To Repository" needs.

Try these steps:

  1. Go to the root SharePoint site and create a content type
  2. Go to your target library where you need to do this "Send Document to Repository" action, and associate the content type created in step #1
  3. Go to the root SharePoint site
  4. Open SharePoint Designer
  5. "Copy/Modify" the Collect Signatures SharePoint 2010 Workflow
  6. On "Create Reusable Workflow" pop-up / modal window select the bottom dropdown list "Content Type" you created in step #1
  7. Now when the new workflow is open, type "Send" to filter back 3 options for your workflow "Actions"
  8. You should see "Send Document To Repository" option now available
Hits: 19062

Posted by on in SharePoint

If you are getting the following error when trying to save a workflow as a template in SharePoint Designer, as I was trying to do with a collect signature workflow:

'the server was unable to create your template'

...try taking out some characters for the new name of the workflow.  That worked in my scenario.

Special thanks to author here for pointing me in the right direction:


Hits: 44578

You may get an error of "The server could not complete your request" when trying to copy and modify a Collect Signatures Workflow in SharePoint 2010.

Instead of doing this from a sub-site, go to the root site and try the same thing in SharePoint designer.

That fixed my issue.

Hits: 25619

For a Records Library Versioning Settings, we had the "Create major versions" turned on, but the versioning was still adding an underscore and random characters to the end of the file name.

To fix this issue, we had to go back into the Content Organizer feature and make sure "Use SharePoint Versioning" was set in the "Duplicate Submissions" area.

1. Go to Site Settings / Content Organizer: Settings

2. Go down to the "Duplicate Submissions" area

3. Check "Use SharePoint versioning"

If you don't see the changes >> i.e. the versioning take affect and only show a single file name, and version history is only seen via the edit sub-menu, make sure the Central Admin Content Organizer Processing timer is set to what you need via:

Central Administration --> Monitoring --> Review job definitions --> Content Organizer Processing

Hits: 110281

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